Sunday, December 28, 2014

The week before Christmas

Who Day is such a fun day at school.  
Friday night we met Lou and Ryan at Desanos.  I love the atmosphere here, and the pizza is delicious!
Declan loves watching the guys make pizza.  
We had Christmas with our family friends.  I love this night because the presents are always very meaningful.  
We picked up Jonny and Kaitlyn Sunday night!

Ralph and Sheila brought us over a wonderful popcorn treat.  Dex loved it!

Monday everyone came over for dinner and cookies.  I love this tradition.  I love how everyone sits down together quietly and everyone's personality always comes out in their decorating.

Tuesday, we went to the Christmas Eve service at Cross Point.
This was my favorite picture.  This is the first time we are all together in over a year.  
The aunts and uncles took the kids to the museum Wednesday.  

This was about ten minutes after I picked them up.


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